Naia's Birth Story

Prior to having children, I literally thought that it was no big deal to give birth, that it couldn't be too bad because women often went through it more than once, even when I was pregnant I didn't think much of it. Well I was WRONG. 

I woke up on my daughters due date with a sore stomach that was slowly getting worse, my mum was so excited, jumping around the house 'the baby is on the way'. Off we went to my midwife where she asked me on a scale from 1-10 what I thought my pain level was - I say ahhh about a 5-6 (really wanted to say 10 but wanted to be tough). She examined me....looks at me and says well you're actually at level ZERO - nothing is happening yet!!! What the actual... if nothing is happening then how painful is it going to be when it is? Ah, you're pain will need to get to a 10 and then you'll be ready to push!!!! I literally thought I was going to die right then and there.

So off I go home, still in pain but waiting for it to obviously get much worse, 24 hours later I head to the hospital and then the fun really begins....I get the gas, i'm literally on another planet speaking another language to anyone in the room and thinking I have special powers because i'm seeing things happen before they actually do happen (If i wasn't in so much pain it would of been the best afternoon ever). 

A few hours passed of me sucking back the gas, pretending to be on a motorbike, making motorbike noises, when my waters broke.  I had Meconium in my waters and my daughter went into distress so the birth ended in me needing a ventouse to get her out in a hurry, so what took a long time coming was over relatively quickly.

I didn't have any sort of birth plan - my only plan was that the baby would come out and we would both be ok, I did want to be in the hospital though and i'm glad i was because there is no way I could have moved at that point when I needed assistance from the Obstetrician. 

When my midwife passed her to me the first thing I said was 'Jimmy, we've got a baby, what the F*#&'. I don't know what I thought I was growing for the previous 9 months but I obviously didn't click that I was having a baby. I had no idea what to do with this little baby we named Naia, I had never changed a nappy and only held a newborn baby about twice in my life.

I'll save the newborn phase for another post.....Would love to hear your birth stories, feel free to share in a comment :)