Keyboard Warriors!!

There have been a lot of stories in the Media lately around people really struggling to afford food for their families. I've made reference to the article below because i read through the comments on facebook and the majority are negative!  There have been a lot of comments around why this particular woman isn't working or actively seeking employment.

I think that regardless of her personal circumstance - we are not here to judge, she will have a process to follow interms of meeting specific requirements to receive a benefit and that is up to WINZ to determine whether she meets these requirements, not the facebook jury. 

If every single person that commented on this post negatively did something positive for at least one other person that is struggling, i'm 100% sure that NZ would be a better place.  If instead of having a go at this woman for sharing her story, the keyboard warriors could do something productive and perhaps offer to drop her and her family off a meal or some clothes for her children. After all, its the children that are being affected in these situations and they are our future.

This article and the hundreds of similar articles brings to light that there are HUGE numbers of families that are really, really struggling to make ends meet. I know that there are fantastic organisations in our local communities that provide assistance to those in need,  I hope that the tips and recipes that i share on my website have been helpful for all families to take a bit of pressure off by learning some basic cooking techniques and how to make a meal "stretch" to feed more people without having to spend a lot of money.


There must be more that can be done!! Its obviously not enough and the number of low income families are increasing. We have children going to school with no food and no shoes. Sitting down and learning is the furtherest thing from their mind, i've seen first hand the impact this has on education. Where on a good day, kids are turning up with a pie and an energy drink to last them the day, its just not good enough!! We as a society need to do more to support these families to ensure these kids grow up with a bright future ahead and are able to change this cycle.

All comments welcome :) Please share your thoughts/ideas on this topic