Busy Happy Kids NZ was a facebook page set up between two friends, Katie and Kushla. The purpose of the page was for them to share any activities that they were doing with their own children to encourage parents to be both active and interactive with their own children. From activities, it progressed into recipes and then Katie completed the $100 cooking challenge which gained a lot of media attention, with the original facebook post gaining over 180,000 views. This has then progressed into Katie providing valuable cooking and budgeting tips along with recipes and Kushla taking control of the kids activities section of Busy Happy Kids.

Katie grew up in Hamilton and having 2 older brothers to compete with, was always trying new sports and loved the outdoors. This passion grew into a career where she completed a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science. She went on to become a Fitness Trainer in a gym and then completed further study to become a Physical Education and Health teacher. Having taught in South Auckland for 5 years, she has seen first hand the impact that food choices have on learning and behavior. This combined with a few basic cooking techniques, an upbringing on "good kiwi tucker" and completing papers on nutrition, has grown into a business where she provides advice to families on a budget and teaches them cooking skills to enable them to provide their families with nutritious, low cost, fast meals.

Kushla grew up in Whangarei